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QUESTION 1 As an interpreter of the curriculum and developer of the learning programmes, it’s insufficient for the educator to give a narrow definition to the concept “curriculum” There are different definitions and aspects of “curriculum” Introduction The term curriculum is one of the key terms in the education sector. It can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the person interpreting it and perspective. Different exposures also affect how people define the term curriculum. Hence we have a narrow and a broad definition of the term curriculum. In this essay I will discuss the definitions of the concept “curriculum” and this will be done by describing the different ways of understanding curriculum and how these different understandings related in some ways to each other. Definitions of Curriculum Definition 1: Curriculum is such “permanent” subjects as grammar, reading, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, and the greatest books of the Western world that best embody essential knowledge. Definition 2: Curriculum is those subjects that are most useful for living in contemporary society. Definition 3: Curriculum is all planned learnings for which the school is responsible. Definition 4: Curriculum is all the experiences learners have under the guidance of the school. Definition 5: Curriculum is the totality of learning experiences provided to students so that they can attain general skills and knowledge at a variety of learning sites. Definition 6: Curriculum is what the student constructs from working with the computer and its various networks, such as the Internet. Definition 7: Curriculum is the questioning of authority and the searching for complex views of human situations. Definition 8: Curriculum is all the experiences that learners have in the course of

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