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Question 1 1.1. The Second World War brought about a lot of devastation and human suffering and this was the base that set of ideas and plans for a better world. Out of this came the establishment of the first International Organisations concerned with the environment. The most notable one was the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. The International Union for Conservation (ICUN) concern was with the diminishing of natural resources and wildlife, it was established in 1984 and thereafter the World Wildlife Fund was formed in 1961, their primary concern was to raise funds for the wildlife conservation. As they grow they released that there values were irrespirable they later began to influence and engage with many different organisation, one of which was the Non-Government Organisation. However there most productive partnership was with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) which was established in 1946 they are involved in developing environmental education. In Stockholm during 1972 a milestone was reached in the development of environmental education this was where the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held. This was the first time the worlds richest and poorest countries had come together to discuss environmental concerns, it was the first time that many of the concerns of the developing countries were discussed. These conferences lead to the establishment of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). This also became the first environmental UN agency to have their headquarters located outside Europe and North America. There first task was to define the term environmental education. UNSECO and UNEP organised the first environmental workshop of environmental education in Belgrade in 1975 and thereafter the first intergovernmental conference on environmental

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