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An investigation to identify if children’s self-descriptions change as they get older Abstract The main focus of this report was to provide analysis of whether children’s ‘self-descriptions’ show a developmental progression with age in relation to the findings of Rosenberg’s (1979). The investigation consisted of an interview with two female’s Annie aged 8 and Kirsty aged 16 who were asked to fill in a questionnaire based around ‘who am I’ statements and further questions were asked relating to their idea of ‘self’ and ‘locus of self-knowledge’. They were interviewed by two module team members, Kieron Sheehy interviewed Annie and Peter Barnes interviewed Kirsty. Both interviews occurred in familiar surroundings to the children who were also accompanied by a teaching assistant, producer, sound recordist and his equipment. The interview complied with the British Psychological Society (BPS) research ethics principles. The investigation clearly shows a developmental trend that children’s ‘self-descriptions’ and perception moved from ‘physical’ descriptions to ‘inner’ descriptions becoming more internalised and complex as they got older. It also supported his theory that the ‘locus of self-knowledge’ does change from ‘other’ to the ‘self’ with age. Introduction This report has been compiled to analyse the results of two children’s responses to the ‘who am I?’ question based on those used by Rosenberg (1979) and Harter (1983). The results of this investigation will then be evaluated using Rosenberg’s ‘self-descriptions categories‘. The intention is that using the research of the aforementioned the results can then be referenced against a hypothesis of ‘Do children’s ‘self-descriptions’ change as they get older?’ There are other research studies which have investigated into the ideas associated with this topic. Rosenberg (1979) developed the ideas of

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