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<BR> Ed Schantz and his apprentice, Eric Johnson, work in a <br>very strange field of science. They grow and Harvest the <br>worlds strongest poison. It is, in their words, “six million <br>times stronger than rattlesnake venom.” The toxin is <br>produced by a single-celled bacteria called Botulinum. The <br>botilin poison produced by the bacteria causes a form of <br>food poisoning called botulism. Botilin shuts down nerve <br>pulses from the brain making the victim paralyzed. The <br>victims usually suffocate to death when their diaphragm <br>becomes paralyzed. However, Ed and Eric do not use the toxin <br>for morbid acts of terrorism; they use it to heal people <br>with muscular disorders. <br> Electric impulses from the…show more content…
The bacteria is then dissolved <br>in a fluid and sulfuric acid is added. The toxin becomes <br>insoluble because of the acid and settles out. This process <br>is repeated in varying methods until the toxin is almost <br>pure. Finally, ammonium sulfate is added to make the toxin <br>crystallize into “glasslike needles” that are pure botilin. <br> Ed and Eric relate the process to an art. If you are <br>just a little off in one of the steps, especially <br>crystallization, then you will not get the result you want, <br>pure crystals. They also will not use any of the modern or <br>automated techniques like columns or chemical reactors, <br>since they do not produce a toxin that is as pure as their <br>technique. Their technique could be improvised in a home <br>kitchen but maintaining the high toxicity and desired <br>properties of the toxin are what takes years of practice to <br>master. <br> The 1979 batch of botilin that is being used for <br>medical treatment is expected to last for another five years <br>, but researchers that need the toxin to experiment on are <br>what keeps Ed and Eric in business. The toxin has been

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