Ecuadorian Rose Essay

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Ecuador’s mainland includes volcanic valley of which the soil is fertile. The sun illuminates the earth resulting in quality colorful blossoming roses with strong big stalks. The temperature of the plateau over Andes hills is so perfect to make it happen. Ecuador farmers of roses could produce almost 650 million of roses to be sold to the US with the annual turnover of US$ 240 million (Thompson, 2003). In the process of production, Ecuador pays the work forces with low wages. This is because ten thousands workers have to compete for the field of job. Particularly the north Quito region of which is populated by the poor, the people are willing to be paid with low wages provided that they get the job. Female workers are even paid with very low wages. Most of the women are poorly educated and this job does not require high educated workers. The countries the roses exported include Kazakhstan, Kansas, Chicago, Canada and Russia. These countries could economize their expenses on roses so they have a lot of money to spend for other things and services. In the US, the price of blossoming roses in retail level reaches US$ 6 each stalk. The United States of America is the biggest importer of roses from Ecuador with the total import amounts to 70 percent out of the whole number of flowers from South America. Ecuador’s roses are high quality ones with competitive price. As supply-demand law suggests, the abundance of roses production causes the low price at the market. At retail level, the same quality of roses are sold to the end user at higher prices. The low cost of production and the factor of geography of Ecuador roses has won the competition over new players such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Mexico. The export of roses has increased the Ecuador population in the last ten years from 10,000 up to 70,000 people. This increase has an impact on the improvement of

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