Ecotourism Essay

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The basic idea that many people have of ecotourism is of going to a nature reserve, admiring the flora and fauna, and coming back rejuvenated. The concept though is not as simple as that. Its essential idea is to keep in check the carbon footprint that you leave when you go to any place. Thus, ecotourism concerns on your participation during the tour in benefiting the environment and the people. As such, an eco-tourist’s role is to conserve and improve the environment of the place he or she visits. It is much more than the love for travel and nature. In ecotourism, the focus is more on creating a sustainable future, where man and nature can coexist peacefully. It is also an educational drive where you learn to reduce your impact on nature. In this way, an eco-tourist also significantly cuts the impact of traditional tourism by learning the eco-friendly ways of living, and improving the livelihood of the local people. When touring a place you are surrounded by spectacular mountains, lakes, greenery, and breathtaking backgrounds. As you tread in the wonderful journey, you come across rural villages where life is still in its serene form. You will be charmed by their simplicity and will not be far from the richness of their traditions. As you travel along the way, take time to stop in villages, stay in rural homes, and enjoy the traditions and cultures of the local people. In return, they will also benefit from the income earned through tourism, and during the travel, your share of the carbon footprint would also be minimal. Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector in the industry today and there are many benefits. Read the article below to know many such advantages in appreciating nature economically and ecologically. Advantages Of Ecotourism * It is low impact tourism, where people make a conscious effort to appreciate the environment, conserve the

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