Ecosystemic Psychology - Case Study - Assignment 3

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Ecosystemic Psychology _ Assignment 3 CONTENTS 1. GENOGRAM OF BIRD FAMILY 2. ECOMAP OP BIRD FAMILY 3.(A) DESCRIPTION OF STORY AS SEEN BY FAMILY MEMBERS 3. (B) DESCRIPTION FROM VANTAGE POINT OF FAMILY POSITION IN FAMILY LIFE CYCLE 4. FIRST ORDER CYBERNETIC DESCRIPTION 5. SECOND ORDER CYBERNETIC DESCRIPTION 6. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Three generational genogram of Bird Family 2. Ecomap of Bird family 3 (a) Describe the story as seen from the perspective of each of family members Story as seen by Mavis I have tried my best to give April a stable upbringing and have a close relationship with her. I know what it feels like not to have a stable and loving home environment and want to give it to her. It hurts me that April is so unthankful and it willing to through it all away. I have caught her lying so many times now that I just don’t trust her or believe anything she says anymore. She wants to go out all the time and lies to me about where she went. I simply cannot trust her at all and she is busy damaging our relationship beyond repair. When I was her age, I wasn’t allowed to go out. When I was already 18 and came home late, I was thrown out on the street. I don’t want her to through her life away. Look at what happened to my friend. She got so messed up that she committed suicide. April is the only family I have and I’m not prepared to let her go yet. She’ll meet the wrong kind of people. Look at what I had to go through. I had and alcoholic, drug addicted husband and her father. What if she becomes like her dad. It could be in here genes. It would be better to protect her and keep her safe. I only want what is best for her. John cannot understand that I why there is constant conflict between me and April and he doesn’t want to help me. April I am now 15 and not a baby anymore. All my friend are going out to places and have

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