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Ecosystem Comparison Of A Malaysian Tin Mine And Primary Rainforest Essay

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Below is an essay on "Ecosystem Comparison Of A Malaysian Tin Mine And Primary Rainforest" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Abiotic components
Sunlight is plentiful across the tin mine lake so plants in and around the lake can grow properly. The soil and water contain alot of nutrients (like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, zinc) due to the leaf litter and trash around the lake. Also the substrate at the bottom provides enough nutrients for the aquatic life to survive.
In the Gombak rainforest, the plants that get sunlight are the trees that are quite tall as the canopy completely blocks off most of the sunlight from ground surface vegetation. The light that gets down to the surface has either passed through or reflected off the leaves. Water is quite abundant here because of the frequent raining owing to the tropical climate. Water flows down from the canopy collecting nutrients as it goes down.   Humidity levels in the area are high and the temperature warm. The surface of the soil is laden with nutrients due to decaying dead trees and leaf litter but the lower yellow layers lack the proper amount of nutrients to support tree growth.

Biotic Components
The phytoplankton algae located at the bottom of the lake colour the water green and are responsible for maintaining oxygen levels in the lake. This is done through photosynthesis using up the carbondioxide in the water and converting it to organic materials. In this sense one can say that they “create a temporary carbon sink into which the world can pour its excess atmospheric carbon” (Thomas, 2008). Water hyacinths, Eichhoria crassipes, (that are of South American origin) grow along the edges of the lake. These plants though beautiful are considered a nuisance as they have a tremendous reproductive rate and can cover lakes blocking out sunlight from the aquatic life. The fish living in the lake have been introduced by humans and there are some tropical palms around the lake. Other wildlife includes:
• Damsel fly (Coenagrionidae family) - these narrow-bodied insects have four wings that fold over the back and three feathers-like...

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