Economy in America Essay

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while reading this article i was at first confused of the purpose of the issue. the author used too much "humor" in it and flip floped on various issues, going from the recession to out sourcing shopping. after reading it a second time i think i finally understood the issue at bay. with america in a recession, we are obviously cutting back on buying random 'wants' and focusing on the needs of every day lifestyles. with china and other countries making our random 'wants', having most of their income coming from our consumption of them, they would in return suffer a loss of profit from it as well. if we can't buy their products anymore, they wont make our products anymore and might offer their services to other countries who can still afford to keep up with their random spending. once we get our economy back into place (if that ever really happens) who's to say they would want to re-sell to us? i didn't really like how the author made our country seem like it was inhabited with some bizzare form of humans whos only skills were in buying usless stuff, finding a good parking place at the mall, or figuring out which credit cards still had some money on them. by giving us low prices on things to make, we can buy a lot at a small price and keep coming back for more. providing them with endless amounts of funds. the people who make our items do get treated very poorly, and get paid very little. and that must be how their personal government keeps their economy working, and thats really up to them. couldn't we change that though? couldn't we as americans stop wanting to buy things made in china so those poor people don't have to suffer making our Nike shoes? not with people in power such as our own president telling us to get back out there and shop. in 2014 its hard to find something mainstream that isn't made in china. its been a long going relationship with them, that most
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