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A benefit is strategic for a company if it is the enabler to provide superior performance to the company and is coherent with the company strategy. The Zara strategy is twofold, it wants to be able of closing the loop between clothing design and sales in the shortest possible time and to differentiate offering new fashionable designs. To attend this challenge the company has to be agile and flexible. To achieve an outstanding level of agility and flexibility the company relies on the way people is organized and the way information flows inside the company, that’s why Information Technology plays a key role inside the company. Roughly, the IT Zara invest is the one that allows Zara to capture the customer demand on real time (PDA), is the one that allows to be fast on the logistics (POS and MODEM), is the one that allows to make fashionable designs fast and in a cost effective way (CAD), etc. What are the most important aspects of Zara’s IT strategy? Once we know Zara rely partially on IT to be a fast and flexible company, they will use an IT technology that solve – not creates – problems. Regarding the POS, which is the case gadget, it has to be upgradeable on a day by day basics, while the stores are open and selling, it has to be possible to set up a new device without technician presence, and because the business process are embedded into the software applications, they know better than none how to fast attend the new needs, that’s why they have their own

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