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It is common understand that world is a global village, where resources are scarce but wants are infinite relative to the purposes to which gives more up to the basic economic problem, and which powers economic representatives to make choices. They have to assign their limited sources between competing uses. Every choice require numbers of alternatives. These selections can be classified in terms of the obtained from each alternative. One choice will be the best but all the other decisions will have to be given up. TASK 1 A Study of economics is disturbed with how people get a services and the goods they want and need. If also focuses on money – how it is made, used, misapplied and lost. When the economy does well, the nation do well. When our economy is in crisis, people suffers and we do not get the goods and services we need. Economy has a few concepts. One significant idea in economics is that of needs and wants. Needs could be explained as services or goods that are essential. This would include food, shelter, clothing or health care. Wants are services or goods that are not compulsory but that we wish or desire, such us: people needs clothes, but some do not need designer, well know brand clothes. One needs food, but does not have to have dessert of steak. Another fundamental economic issue is scarcity. It shape that society has limited productive resources to fulfil all people wants and needs. The hast of the well know concepts is opportunity cost. The cost of an alternative that must be forgone in sequence to go after a particular action. Put another way, the benefits you could have received by taking our alternative activity. Concept of economies has a huge impact on the way businesses make decision, especially during recession. When there is high rate of unemployment in society people abandon numbers of wants and focus on needs. That affect

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