Economics of Tourism on Society Essay

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CONTENTS ABSTRACT 2 1.0 INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 Background of the destination 3 1.2 Background to the problem 3 1.3 Rationale for the study 4 1.4 Brief review of the literature 4 1.5 Outline of what follows 5 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 6 2.1 Globalization 6 2.2 Tourism demand and supply 7 2.3 Tourism mobilities 8 2.3.1 Geographers and sociologists 9 2.4 Host-guest interactions 10 2.5 Culture authenticity and commodification 11 2.6 Benefits of tourism 12 2.7 Power relationships 13 2.7.1 Anthropologists 14 2.9 Management strategy of Central Kalahari Game Reserve 14 3.0 MODEL FOR RECONFIGURING 16 3.1 Understanding and awareness 16 3.2 Empowerment of local people 16 3.3 Strengthening of community pride and identity 17 3.4 Provide an incentive for local people to learn new skills and diversify their livelihood strategies 17 4.0 RECOMMENDATIONS 18 5.0 CONCLUSION 19 6.0 BIBLIOGRAPHY 20 7.0 APPENDIX 22 TITLE: ECONOMICS OF TOURISM ON SOCIETY: PEOPLE AND BEHAVIOR Topic : Reconfiguring Rural Tourism Development in Central Kalahari Game By Promoting Indigenous Tourism ABSTRACT The paper looks at the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the models used to govern the area. The objectives are to find how the Basarwa of Central Kalahari Game Reserve benefit from tourism development in their area and suggest a reconfiguring model that the destination can adapt to enhance the policies governing the place and help the Basarwa promote and benefit form indigenous tourism, just like other stakeholders who have been benefiting from tourism development of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The paper would identify contemporary debates in tourism and reveal how they affect tourism in Central Kalahari Game Reserve. 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the destination The Central Kalahari Game Reserve has more than 36 campsites and

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