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The case study: Hong Kong Disneyland “The dawn of the theme park industry rose from one man's dream as he walked Anaheim orange groves more than 50 years ago, and today, the sun never sets on Disney's global theme park landscape,” said Eisner (2005) – Disney Chief Executive . After the building of grand Disney theme park in America, France and Japan, Eisner with his ambition to make Disney a global Disney park was selected Hong Kong as the ideal destination for the fifth Disneyland. Unfortunately, since this large scale launching, the project was not successful in reaching its target customer. This essay is to examine the park‘s plan and give out some recommendations during the launching. In term of tourism industry, Hong Kong has steadily increasing the number of visitor annually. However, in the period of 1997 - 1998, due to the serious damage from Asian financial crisis and SARS disease, the Hong Kong tourism industry is hit by a significant drop of 14.7 percent( 1997) and an dramatically increase in unemployment rate ( Kwang W. 2003). Hence, the Hong Kong government cooperated with Disneyland Company to build a Disneyland theme park in order to revitalize the domestic tourism industry and economy. During the prelaunch period, Hong Kong Disneyland has been trying to boost the brand name as well as Disney characters close to the Hong Kong‘s public, where people are not familiar much with the Disney stories. It has started cooperating with the largest broadcasting network in Hong Kong - TVB channel to begin a series of Disney productions. This is the smart communication strategy because TVB is the channel, which is considered to be “leader Cantonese language drama” and favored by audiences from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan etc (Osborne M. 2009). Therefore, by using this traditional medium, the company can easily achieve its highest effectiveness of noticing public

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