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Economics of Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm: A Fairy Story was written by George Orwell in 1943. It is a political satire focusing on communism and an allegory to the events occurring in Russia during the 1900’s. The setting of the story takes place in an unspecified time and place on a farm, called Manor Farm, in England.

Major Characters:

• Old Major: a prize winning boar, ‘pure-bred’ of pigs, the kind grandfatherly philosopher of change a metaphor for Karl Marx. He proposes a solution to the animals’ desperate plight under the Jones administration. He inspires rebellion.
• Napoleon: a pig, the central character, he is seen as the chief villain; he becomes leader of Animal Farm and ultimately the dictator of it He was cruel and overcome by greed. He is a metaphor for Stalin.
• Squealer: a pig, a manipulator and persuader, a metaphor for Pravda, the Russian newspaper of the 1930’s. Propaganda was his specialty, he was the main link between Napoleon and the other animals, and he masked the evil intentions of the pigs so that they can carry out their plans with little to no opposition.
• Snowball: a pig very similar to Napoleon in the early stages. Both wanted a leadership position in the new economic and political system, and both realized one will have to step down. He was an obvious metaphor for Leo Dawidowitsch Trotsky. Stalin’s arch-rival.
• Boxer: a hard working, loyal draft horse. The strongest animal on the farm, he does most of the work and always aspires to work even harder. Gets up earlier and goes to bed later to accomplish this. He specifically represents the Boxer Rebellion in China; he had problems but could never express himself because of his lack of intellect. He and clover, another draft horse and his close friend, represent the proletariat, unskilled labor class in Russian society, who think they will benefit most from Napoleon’s new system.
• Old Benjamin: an elderly donkey, who remains rather unchanged since the rebellion, he still does all his work the...

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