Economics and Politics Essay

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-Intro: two Islam caliphates, U. 661–750 and A. 620-1258 •admin of govt different: U. was more centralized and elitist while A. had more in common with Achaemendid Persia, centralized w/ educated rulers •different attitude and policies toward conquered people: A. much more accepting and tolerating •both had good locations: led to better communication and protection •Thesis: despite similarities, differences such as govt admin and policy toward foreigners between A. and U. were too significant which led to A. being longer and more successful -Difference 1- admin. of govt •U. focus on conquering/ A. cosmopolitan •U. too centralized/ A. good balance (Persian) •U. elites in ruling class/A. educated men in ruling class •Analysis: U. had many flaws in govt admin, while A. mimicked Achaemendid Persia model leading to success -Diff 2- policy toward conquered people •U. jizya tax to non converters/A. tolerance and acceptance • U. Arab preference & power and wealth to them/ A. learned people take precedence (Arab or not) •U. deep resentment by conquered people/ A. culturally & ethnically diverse •Analysis: U. fell because of tension in Muslim community while A. lacked that tension because A. more culturally and ethically accepting and therefore more stable politically -Sim 1- good use of central location •established better widespread communication •well protected •influential centers of Islamic religion •Analysis: both had positions that allowed them to expand while maintaining communication and security -Conclusion: A. succeeded in important areas that U. did not, such as admin of govt and tolerance towards foreign people, and these differences are why A. fared so much
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