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Sporting Goods Industry | Analysis of Pakistan Industry, MAN408 C | | Submitted to: Sir Muhammad Zubair | 5/15/2015 | | Submitted by: Kanza Adnan 12796 Rafay Hussain 13659 Namra Sikander 14771 M Babar Saeed 12968 Contents SPORTS GOODS INDUSTRY OF PAKISTAN 3 Brief History: 3 Present rank of the sports goods sector 3 SPORTS GOODS INDUSTRY OF PAKISTAN 4 Share in nationwide exports 4 PRODUCTION OF SPORTS INDUSTRY 5 THE EXPORTS 5 Type of Products 6 Porter’s Diamond Model 8 Porter’s Diamond Analysis of Pakistan’s Sports Goods Industry 9 Factor Conditions 9 Demand Conditions 10 Related and Supporting Industries 11 Structure of Industry and Competitor’s Analysis 12 SWOT Analysis 13 Recommendations: 15 SPORTS GOODS INDUSTRY OF PAKISTAN Brief History: According to the European Coalition sports alliances in 2003, the meaning of sports is: “Sports' are all forms of physical attention that, across casual or coordinated participation, target at expressing or enhancing physical fitness and mental well-being, growing communal connections or obtaining aftermath in contest at all levels”. The early record of producing of sports goods in Sialkot can be drew back to 1883 after Sardar Bahadur Singh and Sardar Ganda Groan Oberoi crafted a factory to produce sports goods for the British Military combatants posted in the northern sub-continent. The produce manufactured was wooden, such as cricket bats, hockey sticks, polo sticks, etc. In 1918, a British Military combatant for repairs at Oberoi’s factory, whereas a Muslim artisan recognized as Syed Sahib was allocated the task, held a football. Syed Sahib not merely re-stitched the football to the maximum satisfaction of military confidential but additionally “reverse engineered” it in his own tiny producing unit. British combatants were surprised to frolic alongside the

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