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• Promulgating general logistics plans, policies, and orders • Establishing standards of logistics and logistic readiness • Disseminating information to subordinate commands • Coordinating logistic activities of subordinate commands The functions of a Fleet Supply Officer include: • Providing advice on supply and transportation matters • Assisting the Fleet Commander in carrying out logistics responsibilities TYCOMS (Par. 1026) Ships of a fleet are grouped by ship types and assigned to Type Commanders (TYCOMs) for purposes of administration. Certain TYCOMs have primary logistics responsibilities that extend beyond their own type organization. Included in these responsibilities are to: • Provide planning information • Issue directives • Control distribution of materials • Establish procedures • Implement policies • Exercise operational and administrative control Staff Supply Officer (Par. 1027) Each TYCOM has a Supply Officer assigned to the staff. Known as the Staff Supply Officer, there are specific responsibilities the officer must accomplish. These responsibilities are to: • Keep the TYCOM advised of supply requirements • Ensure compliance with Navy Department and fleet supply directives • Make recommendations to the TYCOM on matters regarding supply policies, procedures, and conditions of readiness affecting TYCOM ships • Conduct inspections of supply functions as required • Supervise the replenishment of supplies from mobile supply units under the operational control of the TYCOM • Review and take action on requisitions requiring approval of higher authority Supply Department Organization Aboard a Small-type Ship (Par. 1050) The organization of the Supply Department aboard a small ship is Supply Officer, Assistant Supply Officer with the S-1, S-2, S-3, and S-4 Divisions all under the Assistant Supply Officer. Supply Officer

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