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Humanities Department Economics Grade 10HS Final Exam Topic List Ch.4 - Supply * Define supply (p73). * Define quantity supplied (p73). * Define law of supply (p73). * Define profit motive (p74). * What determinants might cause a product’s supply curve to shift ?(p 79)( Work Sheet) * Increases and decreases in quantity supplied (p80-p84) * How does a tax differ from a subside? (p81)(Work Sheet) Ch 5: Prices * What Is the meaning of Price system?(p97) * Price system Benefits(p97) * Price system Limitation (p 101) * Market Equilibrium (p105). * How does the Price system handle Product surpluses? (p105). * How does the Price system handle Product shortages (106). * Setting Prices {price ceilings and price floors}(p108-109) * Rationing (p110). * Consequences of Rationing (p 111). Ch7: Business Organizations * Define Sole Proprietorships (p 145). * The advantages of Sole Proprietorships (p 145-147). * Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship (p 147-149). * Define Partnerships (p150). * How do general Partnership and Limited Partnerships differ? ( p150) * Advantages of Partnership(p150-151) * Disadvantages of Partnership (p152). * How a Corporation is formed (p153). * Articles of Incorporation (p154). * Corporate Structure {figure 7:4} (p 154). * Corporate Finance {Stock, Share, Dividends common Stock, Preferred Stock, Corporate Bond} (p154-155) * Advantages of Corporations (p 156). * Disadvantages of Corporation (p156-157). Ch9: Sources of Capital * Define Saving (p195). * What benefits do People gain by Saving Money? (p195). * Saving Accounts (p196). * Time Deposits (p197). * Why People Invest in Stocks? (p204). * How Stocks are Traded? (p205). * Factors Influence Stock Prices (p209). * Why People Invest

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