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Module 3: Assignments 1) Individual a) Timeline Part II i) Create a timeline tracking the major themes/paradigm shifts in American history from the development of Sectionalism in the early 1800s through the end of the Progressive Era in the early 1900s. ii) Include the following in your descriptive analysis: (1) The evolution of the institution of slavery from the Colonial Period to the 1860s. (2) The socio-cultural impact of the abolitionist movement including: (a) The effect of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (b) The Kansas-Nebraska Act (c) The Compromise of 1850 (d) The Underground Railroad (3) The evolution of Sectionalism and Southern Secession and their connection to the theme of "individualism". (4) The causes and consequences of the Civil War. (5) The phases of the Reconstruction Era and its legacy to U.S. history. (6) The conquest of the West, including the "displacement" of the Native American tribes. (7) the socio-economic impact of the rise of industry in the U.S. during the post-Civil War years, including the rise of labor unions. (8) The socio-cultural and economic impact of the mass immigration to the U.S. in the late 1800s and early 1900s. (9) The socio-cultural impact of the Progressive Movement and its legacy to American history. 10) Imperialism and America's rise to power. 11) The causes and consequences of the Spanish-American War of 1898. 12) The presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. iii) Remember to include the major players and events in these themes (due in Module 4). iv) APA format is not required, but solid writing skill in APA style and a title page are expected. v) Submit the completed assignment to the instructor in ANGEL by the end of Module

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