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Economics provides students with a set of analytical skills that are applicable in a wide variety of settings and are valued by many employers, even in areas that appear only remotely related to a narrow definition of economics. The market for individuals with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics is robust and tends to be less cyclical than the market for students with many other degrees. Career opportunities for economics majors are similar to those for finance and management majors. In fact, the economics program at some universities is in the business school and many economics majors at those universities earn business degrees. Employers typically see no difference between a business degrees with a major in economics and a liberal arts or social science degree with a major in economics. Our students most often find employment in the private sector with financial services firms such as banks or securities and investment firms or in sales. However, economics majors are found in virtually every type of business, including manufacturing, mining, transportation, communication, and utilities. Economics degree holders are also employed at all levels of government and by trade associations and consulting firms. Students with good backgrounds in international economics and especially those with appropriate language skills or with international experience are employed by international organizations as well as by business and government. Most individuals with advanced degrees in economics are employed as economists in business and government or in college and university teaching and research. A master’s degree in economics is often a good substitute for an MBA and is usually a prerequisite for employment as a professional economist. Economists in business undertake specialized economic analysis evaluating the firm's market position and profit

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