Economical Development In Russia Essay

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Economical development in Russia Russia is vast country and very diverse country in cultural as well as economical perspective. Russian is one of the biggest by territory country that covers one third of world livable land. Territory that occupies Russian Federation spreads form the east to the west covering significant part of eastern Europe and all northern part of the Asian continent. Such vast territories of Russia is home land for more than 141 million people placing Russia on 9 place of most populated countries in the world. Yet vast lands full of the natural resources and economical possibilities did not sheltered country from the economical troubles. Long and complex political history with its turmoil’s and overturns’ laid deep scars on the economical and political situation in nowadays Russia. The 70 years of totalitarian state of being a part with uneducated and rushed over through of Soviet system in 90’s lead Russian state and its economy in complete chaos. Drastic political changes of 90’a not just destroyed economical structure of the state but also gave push to development of number socio-economical problems, such as decries in standards of living, burst of inequality, population issue, corruption and many others. One of the ways to define the state economical situation is to analyze its standards of living; that essentially refer to the comparative analysis of the social economical development of certain state. One of the best and systematic attempts in collection information regarding the social economical development on state by state basis was done by United Nation Development Program (UNDP). Annually UNDP produced Human Development Report where states are ranks based on its human development or Human Development Index (HDI). HDR present multileveled analysis of the “living conditions/ human development” in certain state base on three
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