Economic Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability Can Never Be Compatible. Discuss Essay

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Economic sustainability and environmental sustainability can never be compatible. Discuss [40] Economic sustainability is the use of various strategies for employing existing resources optimally so that that a responsible and beneficial balance can be achieved over the longer term. Environmental sustainability is the maintenance of the factors and practices that contribute to the quality of environment on a long-term basis. With the depletion of resources on the horizon and the millennium development goals a striving ambition, the compatibility of economic and environmental sustainability seems far-fetched. However, it has dawned upon political leaders that with increasing levels of globalisation, sustainability isn’t an option anymore, it is a path that must be pursued in order to maintain the integrated and developed world we live in. Throughout this essay I will explore the possibility of economic and environmental sustainability existing in tandem on various scales. Newly growing industries, aided by large populations and natural resources, grow at such an exponential rate as technologies are available to them that weren’t available to the initial industrialised countries, now medcs, allowing for leaps in development. As a result, the newly found wealth of nations distracts the horrors of its environmental impact. Indonesia is home to the world’s third largest tropical forest, which is considered not only a national asset and global public good, but also an important contributor to the country’s GDP. World Bank figures show that forestry, agriculture, and mining together contribute approximately 25 percent of Indonesia’s GDP and nearly 30 percent to overall government budget revenue. Importantly, the forest also remains central to the livelihoods of nearly 35 percent of Indonesians who live in rural areas, below the poverty line. This identifies that

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