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Economic, Social, Political State Of Russia - 1917 Essay

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  • on February 28, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Economic, Social, Political State Of Russia - 1917" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Extended Response I

Describe the economic, social and political situation in Russia in 1917.

Throughout 1917, the economic, social and political condition in Russia was severely unstable. The intensifying conflict of The Great War was seen to be a major catalyst to this, placing significant stress and trauma on these aspects of the Russian society, further crippling her dominance.
From an economical standpoint, Russia in 1917 was running backwards and heading into deep turmoil. Due to the militaristic distractions of The Great War and the Tsar Nicholas II taking personal command of the army, Rasputin (Tsars right-hand man) took charge of the government, which caused for economic chaos. In response to this downfall, in March of 1917 thousands of workers went on strike and numerous riots took place, which would highlight the struggle of the workers. The state of the economy had formed into one of agriculture as the peasants began to see the land as their possession and this in relation to the mass of the population (with only 1.5% of the population owning 25% of the land) made it impossible to form an agriculturally efficient society and in turn pulled down the economy along side it. By late 1917 the banks, the war industry and grain trade was put under total state control which shows the extent of damage both WWI and inexperience had.
Socially, Russia during this period too was experiencing exceedingly unsanitary conditions and tensions were rising. With the migration of peasant workers (who took up 80% of the population), to urban and industrial environments, cities became significantly congested and conditions were disgusting. With the rapid industrialisation taking place, the population of the capital, Saint Petersburg, had swelled from 1,033,600 to 1,905,600 in recent years. They would fear constantly for risk of disease and receive low wages and harsh regulation all while working 11-12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The impact The Great War had on the...

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