Economic Organizations Essay

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Economic Organizations COM/335 May 16, 2016 Economic Organizations As we observe the issues that without a doubt affect every person day-to-day life, such as paying in taxes and social security, how much leisure time a person can take, we compare how different countries’ school systems are readying their young people for modern life, and how different countries’ pension systems will look after their citizens in old age. Drawing on those facts and real-life experiences, we endorse policies planned to improve the quality of everyone’s lives ("Oecd Insights", 2016). Accordingly, Asia is expanding and developing their economic organizations, discusses the importance of policy issues for the region and Asian countries, elaborating organizational policy performance indicators as well as long term or short term projection frameworks, and organizes policy dialogue meetings where international and regional organizations, such as ADB, AMRO and ASEAN Secretariat are invited. In this paper Team A will present five active economic organizations in Asia and describe their role in the economic and political development of Asian states and explain how these organizations affect regional economic cooperation in Asia. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Francis Goin) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Victoria Sexton) The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (known as the APEC) was created with the goal of vastly improving trade between the twenty-one affiliated countries. By easily being able to transport goods between countries, the local economies grow, while strengthening the bonds of trust between the countries. Policies set in place to aid in the easy transportation and travel. In fact, the APEC even has it’s own business travel card to fast track business owners from country to country to sell their wares. As the local

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