Economic Naturalism Essay

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Name: Jeyhun Hasanov Section: B Assignment: Economic Naturalism Paper Due Date: 1.18.2014 Why Tourism Industry is not developed in Azerbaijan? In economically globalizing world, tourism becomes one of the leading fields of economies of diverse countries. With sustainability of its profit, job opportunities and resources, tourism provides the economy with abundance of revenue. Besides all these factors, unfortunately it is hard to claim that tourism shows colossal progress in Azerbaijan. Searching for the root of problems in Azerbaijan tourism industry, we can determine that although Azerbaijan has substantially great potential to enhance tourism, imperfection of promotion, first-rate service and high prices of lodgings encumber to increase. As the country which has gained its independence including in economical sphere recently, Azerbaijan should introduce its uniqueness to the globe to grab people’s attention from all over the world. In today’s world of competition promotion is the best tool for achieving a goal and outweigh rivals, hence it is impossible to develop tourism without the assist of promotion. The ways of promotion differ, for instance, in order to promote tourism, launching travel agencies can be beneficial. These agencies help people to explore country and make them think about travel opportunities. Moreover, travel agencies can contact with overseas organizations and hold some Azerbaijani days to increase people’s awareness about Azerbaijan culture, tourism and etc. In Azerbaijan tourism sector there are few external investors. Surely, lack of promotion has a great implication on it. On the other hand, existing monopolies have undeniable impacts on this issue. At the first glance, the services served in hotels in Azerbaijan can seem in a high quality but still shortages exist especially compared to countries where tourism

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