Economic Issues Simulation Paper

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Economic Issues Simulation Paper Heather Pennington University of Phoenix Mark Williams HCS/440 Making financial and economic decisions for a business is never an easy task. It is a lot harder because employees have to know what is best for the business in order to profit from it and grow larger. There are three types of Castor plans which are Castor Standard, this covers any incidentals but will not cover any pre-existing health issues. Then there is Castor enhanced, this covers pre-existing health issues and then there is Castor enhanced minor which covers pre-existing health issues and coverage such as obesity, substance treatment, etc. can be excluded and this include mental health. When taking a look at the Constructit Company it roughly has about 1,000 employees. This crew consists of 550 men and 450 women, from the ages of 26 and 42. Statistics that are provided within the company show that: 43% are sedentary, 32% of employees are physically active, and 25% moderately active. This company employee rate is missing in high; the main reasoning’s of why people have missed is because of: digestive disorders, migraines, on-the-job injuries, respiratory illnesses and other major illnesses. The group of people that work in this company has a high obesity rate of 39%. As a representative at Castor health insurance plan it is noticeable that obesity-related disease has a very high potential risk for many other sicknesses, and also has a very high utilization. E-editors have about 1600 employees, and all employees are within the ages of 35 and 54. Within this job employees consist of sitting down in front of a computer for multiple hours. 95% of the employees that work in this company have previously worked in other companies that have similar job titles. Since these employees have worked in other similar companies like the E-editors employees have a higher
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