Economic Issues Simulation Essay

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Running head: ECONOMIC ISSUES SIMULATION Economic Issues Simulation India Bell HCS/440 October 31, 2011 Steve Linerode Economic Issues Simulation Economic Issues Simulation is about a company called Castor Health Plans that came about in 1999 it a Regional HMO in the state of Pantome. The Health Maintenance Organization provides health insurance and health care services to many that are enrollees through the statewide network of the different health care providers. At this particular moment Castor Collins Health plan has as many as hundred thousand that are enrollees throughout many states and they are looking to expand this amount. As Vice President for Strategy and Financial Planning at Castor Collins, part of my job is to include interacting with clients that new and formulating health care plans that suit their needs, which going over price plans and setting health insurance premiums. Making economics and financial decisions is very difficult when making them for ourselves at times. When making decision for business is even harder because a person have to think out of the box to help increase the business and make reasonable profits. As Vice President of Strategy and Financial Planning at Castor Collins Health plan, I will begin by designing a health care plan, and then make a decision to reject or choose services that provide the different enrollees. Executive Vice President Adam Hunter over the years has help Castor Collins with new enrollees that were very happy with the new corporate affiliations and product development and I have met with two of the group of people on January 2006, who have came to Castor Collins for help with health insurance. First group were Constructit, consists of only 1,000 people, while on the other hand the second group of E-editor has 1,600 people neither have an employer health insurance. The group of people with
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