Economic Inequality Essay

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The ongoing economic inequality that goes on in society causes a serious threat to our future generations. People in our economy and other foreign nations also suffer from this inequality as well. Is this fair to people in the economy? How does the government respond to this repression? This is an ongoing injustice to people worldwide, how can this be brought to an end? Economic inequality can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution during the mid eighteenth century. The Industrial Revolution produced a sharp increase in the income disparity between the richest and poorest regions of the world. The Social Science Quarterly states “Individuals who reside in states with high levels of actual income inequality will be more likely to perceive rising income inequality than those who reside in states with lower levels of income inequality.” Income is one of the factors of economic inequality it is a marker for social class and education. This causes an “increase in spatial economic segregation, the increasing tendency to “like to live near by like’ also played a role”. (1) As seen from a holistic view income can alter the changes in a person’s life style in this economy. According to Bromfenbrenner’s ecological system he understood that “human development occurs in a set of overlapping ecological systems”. (3) In this case a child’s early development such as their education can help avoid the strain of economic inequality. It is stated, “black children are less likely to learn as much as white children from two to four years of age.” This lack of early childhood education can produce negative social and economic outcomes. If a child’s parent has a high level learning such as college a degree children are more likely to succeed in school. What about children in lower income homes? These children are usually victims of low quality education and obstruct the
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