Economic Growth in China

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What are geographic features? Geographic features have are things such as mountains, lakes, rivers, or natural events such as hurricanes and monsoons. Geographic features such as the Yellow River, and the Monsoon floods help fuel the economic expansion of China. China’s economy has been fueled by these geographic features so much that it is considered a major player in the world. In this paper I will discuss of America. the Yellow River floods, the monsoon rains, and the effect they have on both the Chinese economy and the economy of The United States First, physical features of a nation can have a tremendous effect on that country’s history and culture. One example is the Yellow River floods. The Yellow (Huang He) River is the most important single land form in China. Over one hundred million people live along its banks, trying to make a living off the extremely fertile soil it carries in its current. However, this amazing resource is also referred to as "China's Sorrow". It is referred to as “China’s Sorrow because yearly it floods, killing hundreds to thousands of people who could not flee. The main reason these people die is because there is no early warning system to indicate they should evacuate. Next, another example is monsoon rains. They come yearly, and are much more predictable than the Yellow River floods. You can usually tell two days previous to its arrival when it will come. The monsoons start with a slow start and stop rain. However, they will build up as time goes on. It hardly ever becomes to be a heavy downpour, but the rains simply don't ever stop completely so massive flooding occurs. Just like in the Yellow River floods hundreds may perish which makes it seem to be a catastrophe. Yet, without these rains, part of China's economy would collapse. Last, the economic growth of China has been so vast that it has led to China being the second
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