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SILK ROAD AS A SUB-GLOBAL REGION: A SPHERE EMERGING FROM THE INTERACTION OF CULTURAL AND ECONOMIC FIELDS Dr. Konuralp ERCİLASUN Silk Road is a general name for a network of trade roads between East and West. It is consisted from more than one main road, so an international seminar which took place in Japan in 1988 had used the plural form of the term, as “Silk Roads”[1]. We can differentiate these Silk Roads very briefly as continental roads and as maritime roads. Although both of these routes have great impacts on sub-global interaction, the affects of the continental roads have been more intensive. In the Seminar, my discussion will be based on the continental roads. The beginning and ending points of the Silk Road vary from different point of views. In the broadest sense Silk Road stretches from Japan to Britain. However, if we consider Japan, together with China, as a part of East Asian regional trade routes, and Britain as a part of European regional trade routes, then we can say that Silk Road is a network of roads between Xian in the East, and Crimea a nd Anatolia in the West. Silk Road is not a trade route between East and West only. The emerging of this route also made the relations of different cultures possible. Besides, there was another direction of cultural and economic interactions along the Silk Road: the interaction between North and South. So, the Silk Road region can be defined mainly as a sub-global region covering Eastern Turkistan (Xinjiang), Central Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. Historically, Silk Road became an area of great interest for big powers. These powers wanted to dominate the region and wanted to use the economic benefits of this domination in order to consolidate their political power. This rivalry on controlling the Silk Road began as early as 2nd century B.C. In the second

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