Economic Consequences Of Illegal Immigrants Essay

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Week 4 Writing Assignment James Rounsley The article that I choose is called “The Economic Consequences Of Amnesty For Unauthorized Immigrants.” The article combines many different research projects to attempt to foresee what impact giving illegal immigrants amnesty would have on the U.S. economy. The article discusses many ways that giving illegal immigrants amnesty would help the economy by them paying taxes and forcing employers to pay them minimum wage. It also talks about how the cost of many welfare programs would likely increase due to the fact that illegal’s would no longer be afraid to apply for these programs. The article goes on to say that amnesty would be the best option for dealing with the illegal immigrant problem. There are a lot of things that I agree with in this article and there are a few that I do not. First of all their numbers and study’s do not seem to be biased and I can find no political affiliation in the contents of the article. The authors make some very good points about how granting amnesty will help legal workers compete for jobs, especially in this economy. However I do not believe that amnesty will work without a…show more content…
There are some very good points made in this article and it does not seem to be emotionally charged toward either side. There is no easy way to fix the problem and it will definitely affect the economy, however it must be addressed because these people are living in horrible conditions making well under minimum wage and the only people profiting are employers. There is a demand that must be met for low skilled workers and most natural Americans are either too proud or feel they are too well educated for them. Until the demand is met in a reasonable way there will be no slowing the illegal immigration across the border, it has been proven that increasing patrols and enforcement are not
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