Economic Case Study

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Jada Wallace ECN1000-003 4/9/15 Job Recruiting Moves to the Net The Internet is really an advantage to those whom are in the workforce, or those who are looking forward to being in the workforce. Instead of having to go into the companies store to fill out an application for the job, they can do it online. Within some companies they can do their applications, interviews, turn in their resumes and do their job over the Internet. Applications on the Internet are used in the recruiting process because it is quick and allows the company to become more organized and stay organized over the years. There are hundreds and could be millions that apply for one job a day, if there were hundreds of people who came to a single company in a day with only certain working hours to turn in an application; things would be hectic only because there are not many workers that are there at a time. Companies have shifts, so people whom were there when individuals brought the applications in begin to organize things into the way they think they should be. But once the other shifts come in they will not have the same thought process as those before them, so the internet allows the company and all it workers, mangers and the boss stay organized and get through the applications and resumes fairly quick. Also, if the company is looking for a certain individual to cover a certain job within the company it would be very convenient due to the job seekers downloading their resumes onto the Internet for companies to look over and to see if they are accountable for the job. 2. There are many benefits of e-cruiting but at the same time there are drawbacks that cut away from the benefits of it all. The top benefit of using the internet for recruitment would have to be the cost of the recruitment, utilizing the internet
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