Economic Benefits of Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana has, without a doubt, been under considerable national attention as of late. The push to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana has been a diverse issue, with both sides presenting reasonable arguments for and against marijuana’s legalization. It is only in recent years (when one third of American citizens had reportedly tried marijuana at least once) that coalition has been sizable enough to have a noticeable impact on public opinion. In 2008 alone, there were over 2.2 million new marijuana users. (Cooper, M.H) This is after a process of decriminalization of marijuana in fifteen states and the District of Columbia that began with California in 1996. So why has the federal government consistently demonized marijuana? Even though studies have shown that taxing and regulating marijuana will help the economy? (Katel P.) Why is there such a polarized delineation among the people in this country? The Federal Government is $14 trillion dollars in debt. (Clemmitt M.) With the economic decline, Government leaders are trying to devise a way to raise jobs and stabilize the economy. However time is running out. On January 2013 if Congress does not pass a budget deal the “fiscal cliff” (tax increase and budget cuts) will take effect. This “fiscal cliff” will affect every American citizen. Middle class families will have to pay $2,000 in taxes and 3.4 million jobs will be lost; raising the unemployment rate from 7.9 percent to 9.1 percent. (Christopher S. Rugaber) With the economy spiraling downward, I believe the legalizing, regulating and taxing of marijuana will help the economy. By allowing businesses to sell marijuana the government can tax and properly regulate it. A dispensary for medicinal marijuana in California pays $200,000 a year in sales tax. California altogether brought in $100 million in sales tax
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