Economic Benefits Of Fracking

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Robert Acker Laws 310 Project Deliverable July 20, 2014 Fracking Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, hydro fracturing, fraccing, or induced hydraulic fracturing is the process of fracturing rock by a pressurized liquid. This type of operation is a well-simulation technique where a high pressure fluid, usually water mixed with sand and chemicals, is injected into a well bore in order to create small fractures in deep rock formations in order to allow natural gas, petroleum and brine to migrate to the well. The fractures are then held open by the hydraulic fracturing proppants so that the natural gas or petroleum can be recovered. (Hydraulic Fracturing. (2014, July 16). . Retrieved July 20, 2014, from…show more content…
The electricity generation within our country has benefitted from fracking probably more than any other industry. Many generation plants have switched from coal to natural gas as natural gas prices have dropped in the wake of the increased supply. This has also lead to less carbon dioxide emissions from coal burning generation plants where these plants switched to natural gas which has about half the carbon emissions as coal. Another indirect benefit would be the economy of the locally producing states. In North Dakota, due to the fracking going on there, there has been a surge of jobs in the area and even those not in the industry have benefitted. A friend of mine moved to North Dakota to work on the wells but after finding it very difficult to get employed in this industry opted to get a menial job at McDonalds where he ended up making $20 per hour which is 3 to 4 times what he would have made at the same position in Pennsylvania. Also the money made from taxes being paid both from the extraction companies and its employees has contributed to the local economies of these states as well. As can be seen from this information there are a lot of economic benefits, both direct and indirect, to be had from the extraction of natural gas and petroleum from fracking. (American Enterprise Institute. (n.d.). Benefits of hydraulic fracking. Retrieved July 20, 2014, from
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