Economic Backwardness Essay

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Bakhita Al-Marri Prof. Monzer Khaf Islamic economics 06 April 2014 Define economic backwardness and discuss its criteria This paper investigates the definition of the term economic backwardness in many ways and it criteria that may be determined. In order to do so, we should address several criteria, including economic sectors and their compatibility, technology and keeping with others, domestic exports, international imports, and their compatibility with each other. Moreover, the extent of the situation of economy for community where the mortality rates are high and the infrastructure of the state is weak and the reflection of interests of the economy and its affect it positively or negatively. This paper will address also the reasons that causes the economic backwardness quickly so which explains some of things and consider some of major causes of this problem. The meaning of backward First, knowing the meaning of backwardness as a word in English and Arabic so to find out the true meaning of this word. The meaning of backwardness in dictionary is “Directed or facing toward the back or rear” or “Behind others in progress or development”.In Arabic meaning is “" عودة إلى الوراء ، تحوّل ، وعكسه التَّقدُّم Which can be translated as the meaning of returning back and it is the opposite of progress. Also , backwardness refers to the word reluctance. Reluctance is “hesitation or unwillingness to do something”.Therefore, backwardness is going back and there is no progress happening. Kimura mentions another definition in his discussion paper (2007) Backwardness means that latecomers can by-pass the experiences that have been undergone by first movers during the process of their creation of competitive strength” In my opinion, there is kind of competition and lateness in this term. If there is backward situation so there is a competitive forward progress and to
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