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Instructor: LE THI PHUONG HOANG YEN Address: 224/2 Thanh Loi Hamlet, An Thanh Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province Phone: 0986074568 Email: SYLLABUS: PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING Course description Marketing is the business function that deals with customer’s needs and wants. The role of principle marketing is introduction to the language and issues of marketing with an imphasis on learning to develop responsive marketing strategies that meet customer needs. This course focuses on basic marketing concepts, the role of marketing in organization and society. This subject includes market segmentation, product development, promotion, distribution, and pricing. Other topics, which will be incorperated into the course, are external environment (which will focus on integrative topics with marketing, such as economics, politics, government and nature), marketing research, international/ global marketing with relevance to cultural diversity, ethics, the impact of technology on marketing, and careers in marketing. The course also takes an integrated and strategic view of formulating and implementing a coherent and competitive “marketing mix” Course object At the end of this course, the student should: * Know and understand the different principles, theories and concepts of marketing * Comprehend the dynamics of marketing and analyze how its various component interact with each other in the real world * Realize and appreciate the importance of marketing in the business environment and in our everyday lives * Be able to utilize the different theories and concepts discussed in class and integrate them for application in an actual marketing plan for a new product. * Expose you to the two parts of a marketing strategy: the target market and the marketing mix * Exercise analytical, communication, and presentation

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