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Overview of Marijuana Legalized Informative, researched based Present whether the legalization of marijuana I. The use of marijuana II. Legalizing marijuana would lower the rate of violent crime III. Free- up Jails IV. Budget Problems V. Directly aid the economy I. The use of marijuana a. It creates a state of relaxation for the user and has many legitimate medical uses b. It doesn’t have to be smoked, it can be inhaled from a pot- vaporizer or spread as a lotion on the skin, thus causing no harm to the lungs c. There is no record of anyone ever over-dosing on marijuana d. There has actually been surprising research into the beneficial effects of marijuana like its ability at disrupting the abnormal clumping of malformed proteins in the brain which has been used for the prevention of Alzheimer’s and treats seizures. II. Legalizing marijuana would lower the rate of violent crime a. Black market effect b. The product will not simply disappear but will be moved to the black market where it will be used as revenue for fueling other criminal activity, most notably the amount of violence. III. Free- up Jails a. If marijuana was legalized it would solve a huge amount of tension in this growing prison problem b. We are losing room, things are becoming very inefficient hard to maintain IV. Budget Problems a. It costs over 7,000,000,000 dollars annually to fund marijuana prohibition in the United States b. Instead of spending money on marijuana we could actually be making money off of it. c. Marijuana is currently the single largest cash-crop in America( larger than corn d. Legalizing and taxing pot would be one huge and welcomed step towards fixing the budget crisis. V. Direct aid the economy a. Legalizing pot means many more jobs, b. More Business c. More Tax revenue VI. Conclusion a. Illnesses are looked upon in

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