Ecommerce Solution Essay

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E-Commerce solution Strings and Things music store will utilize the Shopify e-commerce platform to host its online storefront. Shopify was started in 2006 and currently serves over 50,000 online stores, with nearly 36 million products sold from stores by companies such as General Electric and individuals like Tori Amos. The platform is highly rated by popular tech sites such as CNET and TechCrunch. Shopify has a powerful, feature-rich and customer focused platform which makes it ideal for S&T. Shopify provides top-notch web development services to its customers through its do-it-yourself website design platform and website development contractors. Since S&T has no in house developers they will utilize a web developer from Shopify as part of the e-commerce package. The company will work with the website designer to create a modern looking and highly functional website. With an attractive and easy to navigate website, S&T is looking to improve customers’ browsing and/or shopping experience. Another important aspect of online business is web hosting, and S&T is looking to utilize Shopify’s highly effective web hosting services. Every web hosting package from Shopify comes with a no hassle set up; site will go live quickly and there are constant upgrades. The web hosting package also boasts 99.9% up-time, fast server speed, and excellent security features. The package benefits S&T and its customers by providing efficiency, reliability and security – all features both parties are looking for. S&T already has a merchant account set up for processing major credit cards, this will be linked to its new online payment system. The security of customers’ billing information is an essential aspect of conducting business online. Shopify’s service comes with a 128 bit SSL certificate that is used by the store’s shopping cart. When customers visit the S&T website, they can

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