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© Bartlett Communications, LLC -1- 2/23/2009 E-COMMERCE PROJECT PROFILE Bartlett Interactive 152 Commonwealth Avenue, #5 Concord, MA 01742 (978) 369-2472 The following questions will provide a foundation for understanding the requirements for building an e-commerce website. OBJECTIVES + STRATEGY CORPORATE PROFILE SALES AUDIENCE CONTENT/FUNCTIONALITY E-COMMERCE MARKETING MAINTENANCE APPROVAL PROCESS © Bartlett Communications, LLC -2- 2/23/2009 OBJECTIVES + STRATEGY What is the goal for this project? What outcome will make this project a success? How competitive is the online marketplace for the products being sold? How great is the demand for the products online? Has any research been done to see how often the products are being searched for? What is the strategy for selling the products? If there is a bricks and mortar store, how does this strategy dovetail with that store’s strategy? What are some of the obstacles/challenges that could hinder the success of this project? © Bartlett Communications, LLC -3- 2/23/2009 Is there a long-term plan for developing the site? top CORPORATE PROFILE Briefly describe the story behind your organization. Is there a mission statement? What values best describe your organization? Who are the customers? Who are the competitors? How does your organization distinguish itself from competitors? Why will people shop at your online store? Price? Selection? Service? Speed? Availability? What do you offer customers that makes you competitive? © Bartlett Communications, LLC -4- 2/23/2009 How is your organization viewed from within the industry? What are the pros and cons of your organization’s image? PROS CONS What other brands are relevant and why? top SALES © Bartlett Communications, LLC -5- 2/23/2009 How are sales most often generated – offline or online? Do you

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