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. Consider the potential stress among the employees of both firms. What stressors are employees more likely to experience and why? What can de integration team do to minimize these stressors and help employees cope with stress? Both employees from part of Deltoide and Andersen companies are experiencing a huge change in their usual work environment. The ones coming from Andersen are really out of their usual situation, they ask themselves why do thing in a certain way in Deloitte. First of all, I want to mention than one of the main stressor could be a kind of Interpersonal Conflict, or at least, some kind on conflict between the employees of the two companies could had influence as a source of stress. Is that easy as think in the point that Deloitte employees realized that Andersen employees are coming from a company with a lot of problems, and was becoming ruined. So this could be one of the possible causes of stress for both company employees. Also as we know, Boundary roles are positions in which organizational members are required to interact with members of other organizations or with the public. I’m not saying this is the most expected cause of stress in this situations but it’s one we should consider. If for instance, some employees of Deloitte were told to help Andersen workers to integrate in their company, but if some of them experience a Burnout syndrome, this means that the employees are going to be so exhausted and with low self-efficacy at the time of helping the Andersen employees. Lastly, we also considered the Emotional Labour stress, which be more focused on the Andersen employees due to their new situation on the company. As we know they hadn’t to option to choose stay there or not. The integration team can use some organizational strategies to manage stress like give employees some facilities such as Fitness, Life Balance and Wellness

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