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The benefits and shortcomings of e-commerce in the business world Kami T defines ecommerce as ecommerce is enabling or achieving your business objectives by using information technology to enhance or transform your business processes. It also refers to activities whereby transactions are electronically done via the internet. It is simply the buying and selling of goods on the internet. E-commerce involves a lot of business activities, a few examples would be music and video websites, software and file sharing sites, consumer retail sites etc. It involves two forms which are business to business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). Just because of these two forms e-commerce has been one of the major reasons why internet has so much developed and is continually being updated. A good example of a website which is totally e-commerce based would be On you can do almost all shopping there is right from the click of a button. From just the mere look of and the way the business platform has been given we can see a lot of advantages both to the business and to the consumers. Firstly to the consumer e-commerce makes it easy for an individual to purchase an item from a remote location without even getting to the actual physical shop saving both his time and transportation costs. Unlike physical shopping e-commerce offers the consumer a wide variety of products to chose from which are almost inexhaustible. Usually the best products at the lowest cost can be purchased by an individual or business. User interfaces on some sites allow consumers to chat and refer each other. The search capability of the internet also allows the consumers to search the product and locate it automatically. The age of carrying money around is gradually passing, the invention of credit cards have has made the imaginations of yesterday a reality, more so with

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