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During this activity I explored the different systems that connect to my everyday life and how I’m affected by them. In composing the ecomap the indentified systems were family, school, work, church, choir, extended family, boyfriend, friends, and health. After structuring the systems on the ecomap I examined their functions, strengths and weakness, as well as the source of encouragement and anxiety they may have provided over time. I also noticed correlation between some of the different systems and how they function together in a positive and negative behavior. In creating the ecomap I learned each system has its own purpose and function in my life. The most significant system was family, which for me is comprised of two parents and four siblings. I found in the family system we support each other emotionally and physically, meeting the needs of individual members and the family as a whole. Other systems such as extended family, friends, and boyfriend also offer and receive support, therefore being strong systems. I feel as if church and choir systems both provide a spiritual being that directs me in personal beliefs and values. The most tenuous systems,…show more content…
I feel as though I have to learn balance between school and work in order to strengthen my weak systems. The weaker systems friend and boyfriend are deprived of attention, but are very understanding. This exercise also reminded how important family, boyfriend, friends, and health mean to me and how they both provide a sense of being and support. While the other systems church and choir serve a similar purpose, which provides a spiritual being that uplifts me when I’m down. In studying the ecomap I learned how the systems similarities, different functions, strengths, weaknesses, and their importance. Overall this assignment allowed me to assess the different systems in my life and how they all affect
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