Ecology In Romania Essay

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Waste, ecology and Romania -- Do not build yourself a house on a hill, right below a stream of water or far from water. If you get evacuated, don't forget to take with you the window sills, the doors and the roof tiles. This is the environment textbook for Romanian peasants. As for those who inhabit cities, problems are different: Fix your heat low, use ecological bulbs, leave your car at home and ride yout bike instead. Don't waste our children's future. These are messages part of a recent stream of public activism in Romania: the new ecologism. In the meantime, in our country roads close down for massive stone falls and landslides take place several times in one single season. Houses slide under lands or under waters, things that can't be fixed by means of the "personal enpowerment and enlightenment", in other words by individual decision depending on information about conduct in relations to the planet's disastrous state. Not even individual sacrifice to the general benefit can't fix it. What is certain is that for three years now, ever since a hill slipped for the first time, people have been asked to wait for sacrifice. But Romanians use radiators as much as possible and they are very fond of free plastic bags. The car sale is on the rise. We are a nation who has to face undiscriminating cold in order to pay for the foreign debt, a nation who used to make bags of cloth and drive Dacia cars every two Sundays. If the case, Communist dictatorship is the most ecological and "nature-friendly" system on earth, in terms of individual behavior (how can one pollute, since one doesn't consume?!). The problem is that, even if the citizens of this Communist country, didn't pollute, Romania was a shelter for plans on ecology disasters. As far as the town of Copsa Mica is concerned, it was not the harmful substances released by the cars driven by
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