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Ecology and Environmental science is a part of business studies Ecological environment refers to all living and non living thing around us within which we live and work. People have a two way relationship with the ecological environment. An individual lives and work is affected by the ecological environment he or she lives in. At the same time ecological environment gets affected by the people in it. Relevance of ecological environment on the business is very similar to it relevance to individual. After all, business can be considered as the activities of of people organized in bigger group. The activities of an average business is carried out on much larger scale than an average individual. Thus business and ecological environment influence each other in much bigger way than individuals. In recent years the business activities, particularly the ones involving intensive use of energy, release of harmful effluents, and using harmful substances are threatening to damage our environment irreversible to a state in which life itself will become unbearable for human beings because of phenomenon like global warming. Industrialization in general involves, urbanization. This not only changes the life of people because of living in urban areas but also causes deforestation. Some industry such as paper and furniture are fast destroying the substantially depleted forests. This has not only contributed to global warming, but also destroyed many varieties of flora and fauna. Of course there scan be a positive side of business also. business can, because of its economic power and its relationship with its employees, customers and other stakeholders, play an important part in protecting and improve our ecological environment. Ecology: Ecology (from Greek: οἶκος, "house"; -λογία, "study of") is the scientific study of the relationships that living organisms

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