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STRAYER UNIVERSITY I. Introduction II. Describe your local and surrounding ecologies and environments III. List the specific factors that distinguish your local ecology and environment. IV. Discuss how human activities have affected your local ecosystems V. Describe the ways that global warming might affect your local ecosystems VI. Relative to other parts of the world, would your local ecosystems be affected more or less? VII. Conclusion Introduction Ecology is known as a scientific discipline that covers global processes and the study of habits of marines, animals, and plants. It also covers specific adaptations and reactions of these species to their natural surroundings. This is very important in establishing their survival chances, which eventually help to make their surroundings comfortable. It is important to note that survival of these species have been threatened with the ever changing ecosystems. These include survival of marine species, plants and even animals. This assignment will explore local and surrounding ecologies and environments as well as describe ways through which global warming might affect it (Phirman, 2000, p. 1). Local and surrounding ecologies and environments250 The study of ecology is very instrumental in determining survival chances for species in our local surroundings. This is mainly because it helps to single out activities that directly or indirectly affect survival of such species in a given environment. My local area is Florida. Florida is diverse in its wildlife species. Studies have shown remarkable continuity in survival chances of the wildlife in Florida’s ecosystem. Its landscape is composed of diverse Flora and Fauna, among others. It has also been noted that the landscape changes in density. This has drawn various reactions from researchers, some of which have negated

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