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ECOLOGY In the world that we live in, we have a lot of ecologies that affect us in everyday life. This paper will discuss the local ecology of the Baltimore, Maryland region. It will further discuss the distinguishing factors of this local ecology and environment. It will show how human activates and how global warming might affect the ecosystem. Finally, it will show how relative to other parts of the world, will Maryland’s local ecosystems are affected more or less. What is ecology? Ecology can be defined as the branch of biology that studies the relationships between organisms and their environment (Tillery, Enger and Ross, 2008). The ecology in Baltimore Maryland contains a huge population of humans and a smaller population of animal and plant species. It also contains a huge percentage of manufacturing building that produce a lot of gas and chemicals that are destroying and hurting the community and the wild life that goes along with it. Maryland is known not only for the Chesapeake Bay and its delicious blue crab, but for its people and environment. The blue crab officially named Callinectes (beautiful swimmer) is a member of the swimming crab family and is an aggressive bottom-dwelling predator. It is known to be one of the most recognizable species in the Bay. The Chesapeake Bay reported, “The blue crab population is vulnerable to increased harvest pressure, as well as the effects of habitat loss due to poor water quality.” The biotic environment of this ecosystem contains freshwater river, coastal, and woodland ecosystems. Maryland’s freshwater and rivers are home to 41% of fish that are considered to be endangered. The local black banded sunfish is one of them. There have been six fish that have not been seen in over 20 years. The larger coastal ecosystem not only due ECOSYSTMES to its easternmost border with the Atlantic Ocean but also due to

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