Ecofeminism Reclaims the Great Mother Goddess

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“Ultimate Meaning Does Not Exit” “Ultimate Meaning Does Not Exit” is an essay written by Mr. Richard Robinson a professor which taught philosophy. The author is expressing his point of view excerpt from his book An Atheist’s Value. The author believes and defends that there is no evident that can explain how the world was created. There is no God that can save or protect us from any unseen mishap in our future or prevent us from dying when it’s our time. He explains that we will always be living on edge because we cannot predict what our future holds. He compares the difference in being a Theist verse Atheist; also he wants us to be honest with ourselves and stop practicing ritual that we don’t believe in but gravitate to when situations arise that we cannot find the answers to. He challenges us to come up with some realistic ceremonies that would “strengthen ourselves in our most testing and tragic times”. The author believes that your spirit and your soul do not live on after you die since they depend on each other to function. The human race will eventually no longer exist just like all others creations here on earth. I do believe that if more people adopt either one of the above beliefs the world would be a better place. Both Atheist and Theist have sound beliefs. All that he is implying can be applied to both beliefs. There is no single truth that can explain how the Universe exists. People should accept their circumstances and” face their future with courage, cheerfulness and dignity”. We are alone but we find comfort in each other or in believing that the spirit of God is with us. Both believe that we should” pursue goodness, truth, and human solidarity”. We should treat our neighbor as ourselves, and be kind to your fellow man. Common belief is that we will all die. We do not know the time or the hour that we will take our last breath, our soul, and
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