Eco205 Appendix B Essay

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Axia College Material Appendix B Annotated Bibliography Week Six Article one: Arietta, R.M. (2004). California Dairy Workers Face Danger and Abuse. Dollars&Sense Real world economics, Summary of Article or Web site: In this article the author is talking about how dairy workers are being abused. The owners of certain dairies are underpaying their workers and using verbal abuse to keep the employees at bay. One employee at a dairy in California says that he works very long hours with no time off; if he does not work he does not eat. So the worker chooses to sleep very little in order to keep food on his family’s plate. Due to the low pay the workers need to work these long hours and with very little to no time off to keep up with the rising cost of living. In other dairies workers are talking about the same situations, low pay, no time off and being mistreated. Article two: Clarren, R. (2004). Got guilt?., Summary of Article or Web site: In this article the author is explaining the wages of the dairy worker. Due to the dairies being overlooked by state and government agencies, health agencies and even OSHA, these dairies are free to do what they want. Workers tell their side of the story, being mistreated because they are illegal immigrants and have no real choice at where they want to work. One even mentions that he was only making $5.00 a day in Mexico and that is why he came to the US where he is now being paid $5.15 per hour. After reading both of these articles it appears that this industry have no interest in what is happening to the workers, wagers or otherwise. In one of the articles they mention that the industry has grown so strong that even the government is not pushing them to help out their employees with better pay, health benefits or any other type of

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