Eco202 Week 2 Case Of Transgression Analysis Essay

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Trident University Macro-Economic Indicators: GDP, CPI, Unemployment, Interest Rates TAWANNA J. RICHARD ECO202 MODULE 2 Cases Dr. Canarella GDP 1. Y= C+ I+ E+ G 1750= 1,000+ 200+ 300+ 250 2. If we increase our domestic energy production, and imported less oil from foreign countries the GDP would raise extremely high due to no out sources. Inflation 1. ((111-106)/106)*111 111-106=5 5/106= 0.0471 0.0471*111= 5% 2. ((234-217)/217)*234 17/217= 0.0783 0.0783* 234= 18.32% Unemployment Rate 1. 2,500 unemployed / 30,000 civilian labor force 2500/30000= 12% 2. 500 unemployed / 30,000 civilian labor force 500/30000= 60% Yield Curve 1. The difference in rates among these bonds is caused by Maturity risk premiums 2. The default…show more content…
Consumer price and producer price in 2009 to 2012 continue to drop and raise the price for consumers was not steady. The direction and magnitude of price change in the Producer Price Index for finished goods anticipates a similar change in the Consumer Price Index for all items. When this assumed relationship is contradicted by the actual movements of the two series. The answer is that conceptual and definitional differences between the PPI and CPI—differences which are consistent with the uses of the two measures—contribute to the differences in their price movements. A primary use of the PPI is to deflate revenue streams in order to measure real growth in output. A primary use of the CPI is to adjust income and expenditure streams for changes in the cost of living. The different uses because definitional differences that can be categorized into two critical areas: the composition of the set of commodities and services they include and the types of prices collected for these

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