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1. How does the PURITY II system compare with other alternatives? What are its advantages and limitations relative to customer needs? Other alternatives available are: * Bottled water, produced by Ozarka, is considered to be unsafe since it will cause heart disease, and too pure since the process removes the needed elements such as calcium and phosphate and causes heart disease. * The other way to purify the water is ion exchange water softeners. This process replaces ions of harmful substances like iron and mercury with ions that are not harmful, and although this system is less expensive it is not suited for residential use due to bacterial buildup. * Other filtering and water softener system are available on the market however although they are less expensive they are also less reliable than Purity II as they do not remove bacterial or germs. Advantages: * reverse osmosis purification process has carried out superior quality * It can be installed under the kitchen sink * It takes half an hour for the installation * It has no movable parts or electrical connection which increases its flexibility as where it can be installed (remote cottages). * It costs about 0.03 cents a litre compared to the bottle water * It works equally well with municipal systems or well water * Water treated by this system tastes better than any alternative for obtaining pure drinking water * The system has no movable parts, electrical connections, and no internal metal parts that will corrode or rust * The system is suitable for use in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and commercial industrial buildings. * The unit can be used in recreational vehicles and boats * It is very effective at removing harmful foreign matter * One time installation fee is $395. Limitations: * The system does use a set of filters that must be replaced after

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